Denver, Colorado

Get To Know The Area

Denver is known as the Mile High City because its altitude is one mile – 5,280 feet – above sea level. Denver is the only state capitol located at exactly one mile in altitude. Although the 15th step of the Capitol Building was carved with the designation as “ONE MILE ABOVE SEA LEVEL,” Colorado State University engineering students in 1969 found that this was not the correct placement. Thus, there is a geodetic plug located on the 18th step. In 2003, a new measurement using modern methods was conducted which resulted in a third marker located on the 13th step of the capitol.

The Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver was built in the 1890’s. The three-story building has a footprint of nearly 68,000 square feet. The attention-grabbing dome was plated with 24-karat gold in 1908 to celebrate the Gold Rush.




What To Do For Fun

Popular activities in and around the city include all sorts of recreation: in the winter, skiing or snowboarding at resorts or in the backcountry is popular; in the summer, plan for hiking, camping, fishing and biking. Denver is home to all 8 major sports teams and a great art scene with plenty of museums, galleries, and street art. 

A Healthy City

The American College of Sports Medicine ranked Denver as one of the most fit cities in the U.S. in 2013, as did Shape magazine. Plenty of green space, bike rentals and paths throughout the city, as well as nearby recreation opportunities in the mountains combine to make Denver one of the fittest cities in the nation.


Time to Mountain Fun

It takes 1 hour and 4 minutes to get to the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnels from Downtown Denver.